Happy New Years!!!!

It’s a New Year! 2013… I wonder what God has in store for this year?  Will this be there year that He comes?  Oh, I so hope so!

We’ve had a great break, hanging out with friends and chillaxing at home!  We finally got snow and cold weather, much to the delight of my cherubs, so the back yard rink is up and running…. go times!

It’s Sunday, the last day of Christmas Break.  I am NOT sure how we will all survive tomorrow… as the older ones seem to be sleeping in later and later!  Ok I’ve been sleeping in… these winter days just beg for me to stay in bed, waking up at leisure!  Oh can I not?  Well, tomorrow I will find out how I will not! 🙁

Today we went to church and heard a sermon on forgiveness.  It really spoke to me.  Yes, I know, but this one caught my attention.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgettting a hurt … but it can mean moving on, paying attention and setting boundaries.  It means allowing the one that hurt you a chance to earn trust back…

Did I mention I spent time with my dad this Christmas, well actually I only saw him twice, and short periods but I felt SO good.  I’m scared to actually type this, but I believe change is possibly happening.  No he isn’t going to be the father I have always wanted or needed… but he has seem to made little efforts, calling more, had gifts for the boys at Christmas (and not from the dollar store), asked if I had the money to pay for the bill at the restuarant… just little things that touched me.  I so often refer this when I am talking about my father, but I can’t wait for heaven where we will all be together, happy and healthy.

Not the clearest picture … As I was going through the pictures on the computer, looking for this one with my dad, I found these ones…

Did I mention I love my boys and they crack me up?

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