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Hello Blog!  I’ve missed you.  This is my 1234 blog post! You know I love the number thing.  🙂  It’s Sunday afternoon and this means a new week is upon me.  I have started a new phase in my life… I’m working!  (Well outside the house, now).

I’ve always wanted to have my own restaurant… amoug the many other things I’ve wanted to do.  I really do enjoy cooking and trying out recipes and feeding people.  Not so much my family because they can be too picky and not apprecitive of my efforts.  Yet I love inviting friends over and feeding them!

Now I have my own kitchen and am cooking for just under a 100 people at a business in Whitby… three different shifts.  It’s been fun, tiring and challenging on so many levels.  Today I made a Creamy  Chicken Spaghetti Florentine and my boys like it!  Wahoo!  It has spinach in it too so it covers all the bases!  I make a vegetarian version for the surprising number of staff that are veggie.

I have opened a catering company, Reema’s Kitchen and will cater for companies as needed.  Right now I have my first gig, a Super Bowl Party!  I am all over this!

Last week I got my first paycheck and must say it was quite exhilarating! 🙂  It definitely adds a couple more “very” to our already very, very busy life.

Friday night I came home and was asleep by 7 pm totally oblivious to all the going ons around me.  I am not used to standing that long, even my bum hurt!

If you think of it, please remember me in your prayers that God gives me the endurance I am going to need to do this.

Hope your Monday is great!

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