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I’m not sure who reads my blog anymore but I seem to be so busy that it’s not as consistent as I used to be.  Yet it is still a place I like to come to and write out my thoughts and still be a place that someday my boys can (if they are interested) come and “hear” me.

Work is going great!  This is the end of my third week and we are all surviving!  The only one complaining are my feet!  They are so tired!  Well, on occasion, my sons complain, since I am not available constantly to their beck and call! Ha!  Tyler said, after asking me to do something that he considered life and death, though the reality was not so and I told him, I just can’t… I’m working!  He was so annoyed and said…“Now that you are working, you don’t have time to do anything!”   Guess my working was a much needed thing on more than one count! lol

This weekend I’m catering a SuperBowl Party!  Wahoo.  And getting paid!  I’m going to try and copy cat this :


Yet since the now infamous attempt of my building the Taj Mahal out of a cake story… that I have never lived down… I have learned that I have some serious limitations especially when it comes to crafty ideas! lol

Anyways, it’s all good!

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” –Maya Angelou

I love this quote.  Forever, high school, especially, I so wanted to be normal.  Living in a predominantly white town of Dayton, Ohio, I hated being different.  I hated that I wasn’t the all American girl with the blond hair (well, I actually wished for red hair and green eyes) and had the typically stereo-type of the Dad working and being a well respected member of the community, a mom who was at home making cookies for us after school… I wished we lived in a “nice” part of town with all those wholesome looking neighbourhoods and perfectly manicured lawns. Nope.  None of the above fantasies were I realities.  I was also a true misfit.

I grew up, went to a University that was multi-cultural and found out that my hertiage was cool.  I found out that so many others lived like I had and that so many that lived that “fantasy life” were just as unhappy and insecure as I was!


Then as I continued to grow, out of my shell, out of my insecurities and embrace all that was me… I made an amazing discovery!  I am so NOT normal!  And you know what?  It’s OK because once I became me, the me I was suppose to be… I realized that I was super special! lol

Such a craZy thing!  I know it’s all part of growing up… but you know, there’s so much pain in wanting to be a normal part of your peers world and yet the reality of being so different is actually such a gift!

I also had a epiphany … my family, is so unique.  Yes, we had our many issues growing up in a disfunctional home but  you know what?  We are actually a very close family.  Sanj is forever ragging on me about the number of times that my family and I talk… I mean I probably talk to my mom and both brothers everyday.  Is that weird?  Well, here’s the thing… it may be weird but it’s our love language.  It’s ok to be in each other’s lives and know the happening and support and love each other.  In the end … we have each other’s back.

I realized that for so many years I was wanting normal… that I didn’t see the gift that was right there… a family that was always going to have my back.  Oh sure there were many issues, we didn’t live in the right neighbourhood, my dad was a nut  (I say this with love… but every family tree has to have a few nuts right?)  and now when I pause… I am grateful for my family.  I see the awesomeness in each of these people I love.

Thank You, Jesus for my family.

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