Genetics is such a crazy thing!  I have six boys and they are extremely different from looks to personalities.  Yet they have many similiar traits that one can likely say, “Oh they are family.”  This week Max cut his hair shorter than normal (kind of unintentionally) and off went his curly locks.


Max is known for his locks.  He has beautiful hair, thick curly locks that are so much his dad’s hair.  As the shears went at his hair, suddenly his appearence looked so much like Jordan!

I was looking at Jordan’s hands and was struck at how much they looked my cousin’s hands.

Sammy and Tyler, being 12 months apart, are the totally opposite of each other.  In every possible way!

Zachary and Sammy, as much as they are different are more similiar then any two boys.  They are both very active, athletic, social and love to eat new things.

Tyler was quite a baby and toddler.  He was a perfect baby to break me into motherhood. The boy had all sorts of peeves, from how his shoe strings had to fall on his shoe to wearing the top button of his shirts had to be buttoned up all the way, his gloves had to be tucked into his coat, his attire was Old Navy jeans, all the same shade and teeshirts (cotton).  The list continues… he was such a unique child.  He wasn’t being bad, it truly bothered him.

One of the biggest dramas was cutting Tyler’s nails… OMG!!!  I really should have videoed it at some point.   He could not stand the feel of them afterwards.  I would actually have to hold him down to cut them.  Then there would be tears for quite a while afterwards.  The funny thing was this was a real issue… the feel of his nails really bothered him.  He would walk around the rest of the day, his hands held like a claw, as not to touch them.  He did this in his sleep too!  As Tyler grew he learned that cutting his nails in the evening was the best.

Here’s the craziest part… Josh has this same issue with his nails!!! Funnier is Tyler watching him get his cut!  At least Tyler can laugh and at the same time understand Josh’s angst.  Josh walks around with his hands like a claw too, after cutting his.

Genetics is such a powerful thing!

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