September 23- My Most Favorite Day

It’s finally here!!! September 23!!! It’s my most favorite day of the year!

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know I’ve been counting down.  What’s so special about today?  Well, I like to think of it as All About Me Day!  My birthday!  I just feel so happy.  I am 45 years old…probably officially middle age if I am lucky to live till I am 90!  I don’t get hung up on age…  I love life, my life for the most part and am grateful for all I have.

There is so much around us … so much suffering and I am so glad that God has blessed me with 6 boys that are for the most part healthy and can choose to be happy.  I have a husband I adore.  I love that this man that I crushed on forever is finally all mine and that he loves me and lets me know everyday in his unique ways that I am adored.

(Last night I had a dream that Sanj had to choose between me and someone else and he chose me… and we had an awesome wedding and I remember feeling sorry for the other girl in my dream that she lost out).

Friends… they really make the world go round and you know what?  I am blessed with an abundance of special people that make me so happy.   I love my girlfriends.  I love knowing that I can call up any number of people and go to lunch.  Or go shopping.  Or just chatter for hours.  I love knowing that many that I miss so much (due to working now) are just a thought away.  I love Facebook to peep into the lives of my girlfriends that are not in my area.  I love my friends.  I love that God has blessed me with beautiful friendships.

I can’t lie.  Today is also about gifts.  I love getting gifts.  Big ones, small ones,  it really doesn’t matter.  I love gifts!  I love the thought that goes behind them.  Sanj was out of town so I knew the younger boys wouldn’t really get a chance to shop for me… and it was obvious they wanted to.  I gave Zach some money and the boys went off to the mall.  It was the cutest thing.  Pandora (which I love) was what Zach wanted to get me… we went to the mall and there was a huge line outside the shop.  My sweet Zach was ready to stand in that line.  I love this child!  Fortuntately for him, the store across had the same promo… and a sweet sales lady let him cut the line and helped him out.


He got this sweet charm on a chocker necklace.  Love it and Love Him! (He got it from his brothers and himself).  I love the excited of how he couldn’t wait to give it to me!!! (He gets that from me… lol)

Max and Tyler got me this:


I love this shoes… Wonder Woman shoes.  When I was little I used to pretend I was Wonder Woman, spinning around making the noise that went with it and wala… I was Wonder Woman!

And then since Sanj was in Las Vegas we will party on the weekend! 🙂  He also bought me back a Pandora bracelet from Vegas.

(We seriously need to buy some stock in this company!)

One of the things I love about my birthday month is the weather.  I love fall, the changing of the leaves and the cool days that call for sweater weather.

Today is also my brother, Rajiv’s birthday… despite the fact that we are not twins we share a birthday.

Today I am grateful for my parents for making me, my mom for having me and for giving me all they did.

Dear Jesus… To You, I am most grateful.  For all I have and I give You thanks!  I love you!!! Amen.

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