It is October 20th, almost a month since I posted.  I miss writing and really need to find a way to make it part of my life daily.  Today, we went to church, a different one, which was a nice change… where Sanj, Tyler and Jordan played on the worship team.  I love worshipping thorough music. It’s just my way, even though I am not musically at all.  I have no clue what was preached … but that is normal, for the most part as it is a big part of my ADD mind… going in many directions at once.  It may be time that we try a different church… sometimes change is a good thing.

It is a real fall day… the leaves are now falling and the weather does require a layer or two more.  I love the weekend… and today especially was great because after church, we went to lunch with friends that I feel we had not connected in a while… and had yummy chicken wings to boot.  We talked and chatted over 3 hours!!!

Sanj came home and gave up on going to the dump, putting the boards up for the rink or giving in to his need to do 1001 things on the weekend.  Rather he is lounging in bed with his one of many great loves, football.  This means I am not feeling guilty as I give in the the pleasures of sweatpants and my book.

I already wrote this as a status on Facebook but retelling it here so I’ll have it for memories years later…

I was telling Sanj and that I need to get a wax on my moustache… my sweet husband replied without missing a beat… “Well Movember is around the corner!”  Haha ..

Josh, being in the room with us, looked at me, in all seriousness and said, “Mommy, you don’t need a wax… you look good in your moustache.”

Have I said I love my boys?  Yes, they drive me crazy and yet the things they come up with… hilarous!

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