Rumor Has It…

I am gullible.  It’s something I am told alot.  I believe.   My dear hubby has been suffering forever with his own diagnosis of post nasal drip which means he coughs alot especially at night.  And he snores… LOUD ( the snoring is an extra bonus, probably not related to the post nasal).  I’m pretty sure he has sleep apnea but in order to really find out, he’d have to visit a doctor… (ok I won’t mention that his last appointment was like 10 years ago).

It really does make me feel sorry for him ( and myself since I sleep beside him).  I saw this somewhere …that Vicks rubbed on the soles of the feet then covered with socks cures coughing. Ok… you have to first understand that Sanj is NOT A BELIEVER of very much.  He is actually a skeptic.  So, I knew in order to try this, I’d have to be really good to sell him the idea.

I started to research it and remembered the Snope website.  I was so pleased to actually find the page about Vicks being rubbed on the soles of the feet.  So excited that didn’t realize that I skipped over the part of whether it was proven or a lie… on to the next section about it talking about it being 100% effect!  Bam!  Proof!  Sanj, despite the fact that he had you are crazy all over his face, begrudging let me try it.  I slathered the Vicks on his soles and put socks and  waited.  While waiting, I went back to the website.  OH-OH.  I skipped the big bold print that said:


Oops!  Sanj looked at me, knowing that I messed up.  I skipped the NOT PROVEN part and was reading people’s emails about their thoughts and experience.  OOPS!

Being the good sport that he is, Sanj left it on and feel asleep.  Ok.. sure he coughed a bit.  Yet I am pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as it usually was.  AND…. guess what I noticed… while the Vicks reduced his cough, he didn’t SNORE as crazy as he usually did.  I was thrilled.  I woke him up to tell him.  And then again, I woke him up.  Well, let’s just say the third time I told him, he was not really happy with me.


Here’s the thing… he doesn’t have to sleep with his snoring self.  I do.  And Vicks seemed to help out.  OK, I know that you have to test things out a few times (or more than a few times) before  you can conclusively say it’s a discovery.  Yet I’ll be investing in more Vicks and some stretchy socks today.

Can Vicks slathered on the bottom of ones soles reduce snoring that is really off the charts?

YES!  Not sure what Snope says about that.

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