It’s the weekend!  I love a day home with my family.  Yesterday was a PA Day for the younger crew.  We had a birthday party to go too, grab two extra boys and hit the local pizza joint for the buffet, thinking this was an easy lunch.  While there, we bumped into Tyler with some of his friends.  “Mom, can I bring home 8 boys for supper?”

Why not?  Tyler is my most introverted son, so bring friends home is a nice change.  What do I make for a totally of 15 boys?  Big Boys? They requested tacos.  Nice.  Done.  I ended up making a crazy amount of taco stuff… and all of it was gone… 20 large soft tacos and 30 hard tacos.  Wow.

I was happy to hang out with Josh till his favorite show (not really a show most 8 year old watch unless they have 5 older brothers).  Sanj took Zach to hockey. Max and Jordan had friends over too and Sammy had work.

This morning everyone slept in except Sanj, who hit the gym and Josh, who is an annoying morning person.  Breakfast and then I went up to read my book.  One of my favorite things is when my boys follow and hang on the bed with me.  I love this.  I love that they want to be with me.  Even if I win the lotto (which in my dream last night, I did and had a baby girl)… this is one of my favorite things that money can’t buyToday is is white and bright.  Here in Millbrook, there is snow and sun.  Most of us are vegging … Josh is looking for what he wants for Christmas.  (Sigh).  I am really trying to do nothing but know I should spend a little time doing this and that.  Then I am going to make sushi! 🙂  Soon the day will be over and there is hockey tonight in Whitby so that means a trip to see my inlaws

DSC_0915OMG Love his little heart and taking things literally.  SO sweet!!!

Then there’s tomorrow… thinking of having friends over… but that requires clean up.  So we’ll see.  Happy Weekend to you!!!

***Just added this picture of what wasn’t too many years ago on Sammy’s birthday… Doubt Sanj can do this with him now. Sniff sniff.

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