All In… Or Not

It’s been a crazy busy week.  And then there was tonight.  Thursday night just seems to be a repetitiously busy night.  Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s one sleep from my favorite night of the week.  Sigh.  Home.  A lot happened this week.  A lot of stress.  I hate stress.  I hate decisions that require an exhausting amount of emotional energy.  I hate things that disappoint my babes.  I hate when the reality of life becomes a reality to my babes… you know, when I can’t shelter them from hurts and disappointments.


 This week I was told I’m an ALL IN OR NOT person.  Hum… what does that mean?  I was told that I love all the way.  Not half way or with limits or boundaries. Hum… this assessment of me surprised me.  And made me question that assessment.  I suppose if I am committed, I’m in.  If you have an idea or if I am an idea and it fires me up… look out… here I come.  I’m IN.

Over the years, I’ve felt that passion. I’ve given it to the boys school for many a years, to our community, to my boys, my friends and my family.  I have also been burned.  (I know, who hasn’t).  And yet sometimes it catches me off guard.  It shocks me that others don’t do Friendship the way I do.  I won’t lie…. there are a few relationships in the past years that have deeply wounded me.  Part of the hurt is not knowing what happened.  My brother, Kumar said to me, “Sometimes people to need to let go of every thing or every one in order to move forward.”  (I’m paraphasing because I can’t remember his word for word).

Do you love all the way?  Are you an ALL IN kind of person?  What do you do with things that need boundaries?  How do you set them and yet still be you?

If you know… please tell me.  I’m all ears… and TGIF- tomorrow!!!

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