All I Want For Christmas Is a BACKHOE?

My husband wrote a blog post …  (click here to read the whole post)…here is an excerpt:

As the Holiday season is upon us many a wife and husband start to become perplexed as they try to find the perfect gift. Many of my male friends and I have actually come to the same conclusion about what we would consider the perfect gift. Even moments ago I just had a conversation regarding this perfect gift.  The unfortunate part is that men and women tend to see the world differently and what a man might consider just perfect a woman may consider impractical, what a man might consider most practical and useful a woman may consider ridiculous. While this perfect gift exists it is the rare man that has ever had his wife get him one for Christmas or his birthday or another important special occasion. Yes men I do speak of the Backhoe. I have mentioned to my wife on more than one occasion that I need a backhoe.  The first question my wife asks is usually why? Well I may not be sure exactly what I might need it for but I feel the need for a backhoe. I am certain that many an outdoor job around my property would be made much easier with a backhoe. I could dig ponds, dig a hole for roasting Meat, move those piles of snow. I really could come up with a lot of things I could do. I am convinced that it would be the best gift ever. As a reader you have probably already guessed that I have not yet received this perfect gift. I do suppose that there are lots of gifts that we men feel we need that our significant others just shake their heads at. I think that specialty tools fall into that category.


Ok… this is just an excerpt…  but here’s the thing… a backhoe?!!  I mean for what?  I know he mentions things above that basically mean it’s a toy to play with.  First of all, Sanj does not have time to play. I mean first he works, 9-5 and then he has meetings for hockey or praise team practice or one of the younger ones has hockey (which is his thing, if he’s free).  Then if he has free time he usually is holed up in his studio “playing.”  When will he play with the backhoe?

Then there is the fact that it’s 10k+++.  Hum.. maybe he needs a back hoe as much as I NEED a fully time housekeeper (scratch that … I really do NEED a full time housekeeper)…   He needs a backhoe as much as I need a Tiffany’s diamond ring… lol

Here’s the thing, boys will be boys.  Men will be big boys.  I suppose it is something you just gotta love about them.  I so wish I could get him a backhoe.  How amazing and jawdropping a present would that be?  Oh well… back to reality for Sanj and me… since I am not getting that full time housekeeper any time so.

Do you have an extravagant wish?

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