I need to be at home. I don’t understand the stay at home moms that really do that … they stay put and do laundry, cleaning and cooking every day!!! I am too hyper. There is too much stuff to do outside the house.

Yet the pile of laundry adds up, the little piles of “I’ll get to it in a bit” add up and the boxes are still here and there.

I figure that I need to have a party. Maybe a fall party. A party never-the-less… so I will work towards a deadline.

This weekend I am going to hang stuff up, that will rid myself of some of the boxes. I will also get caught up with laundry. Yuk.

Zachary has his first hockey game too!!! He is so excited. Sanj is coaching his team. So… 5 in hockey! Breathe.

Well they do sleep very good at night. Do you know that my older ones still go to bed by 8-8:30 pm and are sound a sleep?

So they are busy. All good. Maybe one of them will make it to the NHL… then all I would ask is for a full time housekeeper and cook/laundry person!

Imagine all the good I could do outside the house?

I am torn between really wanting to be a good” house”wife and the other part of my that loves being in community.

Oh well… I did tackle a couple of loads of laundry. But I am off today… to the zoo with Josh and then to the school where Jordan’s class is having a pioneer day…

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One Response to "House"wife

  1. em says:

    We have been in our house since the beginning of August and there are still boxes to unpack and pictures to hang. Plus I need to rearrange my kitchen, cause nothing got put away originally in a convenient spot. Time to cut ourselves some slack. It will get done in time, I say.