Oh Dear!

My son, Sammy is on the phone chatting about females with his buddy. OK I am not ready for this. He covers the phone and waits till I am OUT of the room! Usually he ackward while talking on the phone. Ummmm that has seemed to disappeared.

What do they talk about? He denies liking anyone himself, though I am not really falling for that. It annoys me that he is so tight lipped. I was never like that at home. I think he is like Sanj in this. He never told his parents much.

There is a fine line between being a cool parent and parenting. It is frustarting to make a decision knowing that it is going to frustrate them. Example… Sammy is invited to this party. If it was anywhere else I would be fine with it. But this place has too much room to do whatever and parental supervison seems to be in small quanities.

I don’t really care about the cool parent thing because in reality I know I am an awesome mom. They are just so clueless due to the inexperence of dealing with uncoolness.

Is any of this making sense? Probably not…except that I just am very aware of my babies growing up every fast…. and wanting the to understand that I DO care and get it and really want what is best for them. It just sucks that they have these opinons of what is good for them too.

Help me… breathe… lamaze… does that work still?

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One Response to Oh Dear!

  1. em says:

    Reema, I would be the last to give advice, but I do think your child is "normal". Why is it that every teenager in the world goes through their "stuff" and we as parents are always caught off guard by it? I am the same way and I've been at it for 4 years or so. Good luck!!