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After church, I was hugging a friend and chatting with her daughter who is prego with her first child and will be having a boy.  Growing up in a house of girls… this is be a new experience. I was thinking about what I could tell her about boys… about being a mama of boys?

I hate when people only give me sympathy of having boys.  Poor you! That’s something I hear often usually  from strangers.  Annoying.

See, I don’t know what life is like with1, 2 or 3 boys… I mean I have 6 boys!!! Wowzers!  So that is so different to begin with.  I’m not sure why boys get a bad rap over girls.

Here’s things I have learned from having boys…

1.  Boys love their mamas.  They are their mama’s defender.  They are great snugglers and care takers.


2.  Boys are the best huggers.  The best hug is when one your boy comes and hugs you from behind.

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3.  When your boy tells you a joke and can’t finish because they are belly laughing so hard!


4.  They are great babysitters.  Love watching my big boys play with little ones.  There’s nothing wrong with a big kid.


5.  Boys are loud. And silly.  And active.  Let them get it out.  Embrace it… their loud, silly, active selves.  They will sleep great!


6.  Love when my boys surprise me… waiting for a reaction.  They love a reaction!!! This was Josh gifting me with a flower… the only flower in the whole garden.  lol Sweet.


7.  Encourage your boys emotions to be shown.


8. When my boys are with me, I never open a door or carry bags.  They are true gentlemen.  I love this!!!


9.  Boys are just great climbers.  I’ve had numerous heart attacks walking in a room and seeing my babes up a wall, literally or down a hole or reaching things in such way that I’d never have thought of.

10.  They love to build.  Give them a cardboard box and see what comes of it after a bit.  They love lego.  They love action and action figures and good guys and bad guys.


11.  Any thing can become a gun, even a chicken nugget or a flashlight.


12.  Boys are made to rough house.  Period.  If you aren’t going to join in… you may want to walk away… it can get crazy.  I am forever asking, begging, screaming for Sanj to break up a match, sure someone will break something.  He just watches.  (I’ve only made one trip to the ER… when the doctor asked Tyler how he  thought he broke his nose… Tyler replied, “Um my brother’s fist made contact.”  The doctor looked at me and smirked.)


13.  I think (because I am still figuring it out… post to follow)… that being physical with each other… brothers wrestling etc is how they show affection.  I love you… punch, wham boom.


14.  Boys love to shop.  My boys love shoes.  I mean it’s crazy the number of shoes each boy of my boys has.  And can’t seem to get enough of.


15.  Pee will be everywhere.  Everywhere is a bathroom.  The crazier the place … the better the challenge.


16.  The word poo-poo is funny.  It just is.  Sure you can try bowel moment, or all the other words but poo will some how crack him up.


17.  Talking about the length of poop is evitable.


18. I love my boys surprising me.  Breakfast or cleaning the kitchen or cooking or store bought gems… It touches my heart.


19.  The stinky the body part the funnier it is.  Don’t wait for the teen years to introduce deodorant.


20.  Boys are precious gifts.  I can’t think of all the wonderful things that come with baby boys, little boys, teen boys and big boys… except that I am so grateful that God made them so opposite of us girls.

IMG_0921Being a mama of boys is a special privilage.  I  get to see the world in a way I’d never experience  otherwise.  This list is just a few things… everyday my boys give me reasons to laugh, cry, or want to run! lol  I adore them.  And I’m so grateful to be their mama.

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