I mentioned my cousin’s cross-dressing tendencies on a blog a while ago. What I didn’t know is that Sanj had a hidden passion for it too! OK… my dearly loved hubby has recently lost somewhere in the vicinity of 30 pounds through various means of torture (you know… diet and exercise).

So he is in the best shape he has been in since we were married… probably. So he is really into shopping for clothes… and buying sizes he hasn’t been in a very long time.

Well… apparently… Sanj was dressing and put on a pair of jeans… not realizing they were MINE! (wink… wink) So he fits into MY jeans!

Great for my ego, eh? Nothing a little chocolate can’t fix.

I hate his discipline. So annoying! Oh well, all I can do I keep at it.

Maybe I’ll fit into Josh’s jeans when I am successful!
Must say, I wish vomiting was so disgusting! Would definitely be tempting!

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One Response to Cross-dressing

  1. em says:

    Okay, I don't even live with Sanj and he is pissing me off for his discipline. Too bad that I can't be happy for the guy. I still love him, though. He is just irritating right now. I hear ya, sister!