911 Martha!

Tonight we had a nice evening. We were invited out to supper and had the loveliest time. We were treated to a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. My friend said this was a simply dinner. Ummm… I must be missing the definition to simple. She even made a cheesecake from scratch for Sammy.

When we have company… it is definitely paper plates and pizza. Now, not always… but usually. Now that we live in booneyville, there is no delivery. Maybe I will have to Delissico.

But I wonder if people really mind paper plates? Does it make them feel like they aren’t worth the trouble of dishes?

I am going to have to think about the whole dinner party thing. I really would like to have a “real” dinner party. But I also Iike to just hang out and relax after throwing out the plates.

I also need better and easy chicken dishes. So send your recipes to me.

Now I do make chili or stews for company sometimes. I have to step it up a notch!

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