Crock Pot 101

In the effort to be a bit more relaxed as the kids get home, I am trying to find ways to create meals that do not cause great levels of stress. So I have decided to make an honest effort using the crock pot.

I love the idea of a one dish meal and simply adding on a salad or bread or rice.

So I am attempting to make the first meal. Chicken thighs, carrots, celery, baby potatoes, onions and garlic with some seasonings and stock. I hope it is yummy!

Another recipe I came across is chicken legs dips in a bit of oil, then dips in seasonings such rosemary, salt, pepper and chili flakes… and then tossed in with something like 23 cloves of garlic! Garlicky Chicken!

So we will see…

Then I can throw in this yummy spaghetti sauce that I found at Costco and add meatballs…with whole wheat pasta. I made the switch to the ww pasta and my kids never knew the difference.

Would love some great recipes if you are a crock pot using…

I feel organized already! I may even try ribs in the crock pot for Friday night. My kids love ribs!

Alright … enough of that. Also looking for a yummy homemade spaghetti sauce recipe… if you have one that is easy!

All this talk has made me hungry. SO I am going to bed instead! Goodnight!

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