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I’m back to titles.  You know that Pages was a figurative thing to writing in the new book that the New Year bought.  Proud of myself for writing everyday for a week!  Yah me!  Today I’ve got almost all the kids home, headache, fever (low grade) and sore throats. It was a long night.  Our house was cold because the heating is acting up, of course on one of  the colder days this winter.  Then too many bodies were in our bed, needing me due to not feeling well.  A sore throat has got to be one of those annoying things, much like a runny nose.

Photo on 1-8-14 at 12.05 PM

Today everyone is laying somewhere.  Josh is on the chaise in my office, doing his Kumon.  I too, have a pulsing headache.  I have all this laundry I promised Sanj I’ve put away today… partly in attempt to find a missing item of his.  But… I really don’t want to.  I want to sleep this headache away!!!

I am so tired!!!  I wonder how much restful sleep I actually get.  We bought Tyler one of the Jawbone wristbands that tell you information such as calories ate, how much you walked etc and it is interesting to see how little restful sleep you actually get.  I’m sure mine would be little as I toss and turn a lot!!!

Tonight is meatloaf with baked potatoes and perogies.  Love me some perogies!!!   It was nice having most of the family home eating supper and watching a favorite show.  Of course bed time seemed to be pushed back… but we hardly have these nights.

OK… I’ve got nothing. Hope your night is a good one!

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