Mama’s Boy… Or Not!

It’s Friday night, my favorite night of the week.  I love coming to a clean house (usually), with groceries to make something yummy.  I must be getting old.  I seem to want to be home more than go out, that was never  me!  I don’t mind cooking, entertaining and being with our family and friends.

As mentioned, this week I have been off, with  a head cold and that makes me feel off.  I hate being sick.  Life goes on, whether you’re sick or not.  🙁

I made this tonight, put it on the porch for tomorrow…


I am not drinking it for the flat tummy but hey, if it’s a byproduct, sweet!   I tend to drink a lot of water during the day… and figure maybe this may make drinking water more interesting.  I love cold water… I love lemon and ginger and the smell of mint… add cucumbers, with is kind of neutral and well… this is what I get. I’ll let you know if it is any good.

I am grateful that  the super crazy deep freeze has let up.  Brrr… I was getting out of the truck yesterday and almost fell right smack on my head… it was one of those moments, if caught on tape, that would be hilarious, especially since I didn’t fall, but rather grabbed the handle and fumbled, totally freaked and prepared for the fall.  Ugh.  There was ice under the snow… not impressed.

I was thinking of how hard it must be to be mother to your boys and then when they are older and have a lady, to let go and cut that cord.  It must be hard  but definitely necessary.  I watch as grown men still rely so much on their mama and then wonder why their lady love has issues with it.

It goes both ways, doesn’t it?  Moms need to let go of their sons so they grow up and sons need to let go of that mama and grow up.

I try to look ahead and see myself as mama of my older boys with their ladies.  I mean, I think it’s so important for us to have lives of our own… so we aren’t twiddling our fingers, being busy bodies.  Yes?  And yet there is a fine balance to being parents that are their for the kids, to be able to have great relations with grandkids…etc.

Yikes.  Where is this coming from?  Just thankful that my husband is self sufficient.  He can have relationships with his family and yet functions well as a grown man.


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