What kind of a teenager were you?  Or are you?  Are (were)  you confident and secure in yourself?  What would you tell your 16 year old self, if you could do so…

I wish I knew it was all going to be ok.  I thought so much about falling in love and truly wondered who would love me.  You could say I was not in love with me and so I couldn’t image who would want me.  Now… yes I am happily married… but am pretty sure that even if I was single at this place in life… the true me would be happy and ok.

I wish I could have been the real me with the outside world.  I remember being in the Bible room of my high school and we were voting for class officers.  I wanted so bad to be nominated.  I knew I could do the job and yet I wasn’t on anyone’s radar.  I was kinda invisible.  I wish I could have been me… the me that lived inside.  I hated being invisible.

I wish I knew there were different kinds of smarts.   It took me a long time to understand that despite school not being my thing, that I learned different, I am intelligent. (Well, this is still a struggle for me… but I really try to look at ADD as a gift of sorts).

I would tell my 16 year old self to appreciate the body I have.  Stuff drops and sags before you know it. lol  Sanj found a picture of me in my swim suit at camp.  (Even back then, I hated swimsuits).  I wish I had appreciated skinny when I was really skinny.  OK so I still have issues but I really would encourage myself to love the me that is me.  Inside and out.

I would reassure my 16 year old self that God works it all out.  Trust and obey.  There is really no other way. Life is full of hard moments,  yet life comes full circle and sometimes we just have to let it go and breathe and believe.  I was so trusting of God’s will at 16.  I got harder in my 20s but still I always felt that I’d rather believe in God then not.

At 16, it’s ok to not have all the answers.  The reality is I’m 45 now and still looking for some answers.  I still am wondering what I want to be when I grow up.  I did stay at home mom… which I am so grateful to have done and continue to do… but now what?  I dunno.

At 16, I didn’t have a lot of real friends,  actually probably just 2, if I’m being honest.  Sad. When I went to university, you can say, I started unknowingly, finding myself.  And friends.  Who most are still in my life.  And I love and adore.  You know what, 16 Year Old Self… friends over boys. Always.  Your true friends … you can’t replace them.  Ever.  They are there through thick and thin… (literally lol), break ups and bigger hurts.  (Yes, 16 year old self… there are bigger hurts)!!!

As annoying as your parents are, to my 16 year old self… they are your parents.  I would do anything for my boys, regardless of the size of pain in the butt they may be.  It’s amazing how much teens know!  And yet … one day… sooner than later, you will likely see they, your parents, do know what they are talking about.  Parents… they are yours forever.  Be nice.  Control the eye rolling and know that they love you.

School is cool.  It may stink at times but there is a reason we are made to go to school.  Keep going as far as you can.  University isn’t just about furthering your education, it’s about growing up, leaving the nest and finding yourself.  It is a great phase of life!

Remember… You are awesome.  There is no one like you. In my case, not sure the world could handle another one like us! lol  God made you … just as you are.


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