Snow Day Here…

It’s a wintery Monday, we are home (minus Sanj) having a snow day.  The weather this weekend was crazy!!! Well, we live about 15 to town (Peterborough) and you’d think we live on a totally different planet!  Crazy blowing snow had us home most of the weekend.

Last night we braved the weather and went out with a group of friends, to celebrate a couple of birthdays, my Zach included. He’s turning 12 years old tomorrow!!! How is that possible?  I’ll write more about my Zach tomorrow.  We got home late and everyone hit the hay.  Nothing like sleep!  I was thinking of the blessings friendships are.

I am home with the boys, some are studying for their exams tomorrow.  Others are just relaxing.  And then there’s Josh, whining beside me.  “Mommy, when can we go to Walmart?”

Jordan went outside to clear off a path between the vehicles.  After a while, I get a call from his cell phone… “Mom, I’m stuck.  Come help me.”


LOL.. soon Josh went out too…


We haven’t had a winter like this is a very long time!!!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day?  Mine is to stay in bed with a book, usually surrounded by some of my boys who may be watching a movie.  I love us just hanging out.  I have a few boys that are always with me.  I also like to cook something yummy and let comfort food do it’s thing!

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