Happy 12th Birthday, Zachary!

Today marks the 12th year that my 5th son, Zachary Thomas has been in our lives.

From the moment it was time to enter this world, he has been a go getter.  Less then 2 hours and this babe was OUT!  Why waste time, I’m sure is what he was thinking.  And so it goes, Zach is a go getter.  He loves his family.  He is always trying to please or get the attention of his brothers.  He is a social being.  He loves people and being with people.  Zachary loves being with friends and is a great host.  DSC_0007

This is one of my favorites of Zachary taken in PEI many a summer ago.

I love that Zach doesn’t need anyone to play with him outside.  He loves playing with his 4 wheeler, or taking shots on the net or riding his bike… He is able to amuse himself and is a great lover of the outdoors.

He loves cars and knows his stuff.  I can’t wait to see what car he will drive home one day when he is able to make a living.


Yes, Zach’s a character and then some!

Zach is a sportsman and a good sport.  I love how he is able to play with a team for the team without taking or needing attention or credit.  He looks out for his teammates.

Zach is a hard worker.  He will be the first to help his dad outside and the last to come in.  He is faithful about his chores and usually does them without complaining.

He is a great cook.  For his age, he comes up with some of the yummiest meals!  He doesn’t like the usual fast foods like cereal or bagels for breakfast so he will usually whip up his own concoction that everyone will look to grab a bite of.

Of course there are so many things I could say about his son of mine and yet it all sums up that he is a gift to us from God and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Zach!!!

I love you so much!

*** Sadly this pictures are dated.  I’ll have to post more recent once soon.

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