Another Winter Day…

It’s another day, another school day much to the disappointment of my youngest two.  How they dislike school!  Every morning Josh tells me he’s not feeling well.  Every school day morning that is… he’s a homebody.  He would love to be my sidekick all day along.  And Zach would rather be playing with his buddies, hanging out rather than being at school.  🙁

Frankly, it’s exhausting.  The hardest part of my day is 7 am-8:15 am … I feel like I should tape myself… Hurry up guys, Let’s go!  Eat something.  Here’s your lunch.  Sock! You need socks. Where’s your backpack?  And then finally, when they are out the door… I am yelling, “Love you, have a good day!”

Sigh.  I think our family, my boys, live for summer.  I love being with them (despite the fighting and annoyances that come with us all together).  I love taking them on trips.  Road trips.  It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as it’s away from home and the crazy rat race that is life.

Maybe the winter is finally getting to us… it’s been cold, very cold and the boys are exhausted.  We need downtime.  Monday is Family Day… a made-up holiday but I’ve never been so glad to know that a 3 day weekend is upon us shortly.

This isn’t a happy post, is it?  Oye!  OK well, I can tell you about Josh yesterday.  He had me grinning most of the evening.  Josh loves so HUGE!  It’s really a privilege to be loved that like.  I am always thinking… is it going to go away?  We went to Zach’s game out of town. Usually, I wouldn’t have gone, knowing we would get in the way to late but we did, since  Zach asked me to come. Through the night Josh just kept asking random questions!  Like …

How many people do you think are in the world?

Do you think there is the letter R in the truck somewhere?

Do you know that photosynthesis is?

I’m so glad poo doesn’t come from our mouth.  

In between his questions and chatter, I’d get a “Mommy I love you so much!”

I know that God gave me this child that loves so hard.  Sometimes it hurts me, his love.  How I hope he doesn’t lose this spark he has.  Sometimes the boys will say, “Josh your 8 years old, you are so weird!”  And the thing is, Josh embraces his weirdness!!! I love that!!!


Tomorrow I am off to Camp Medeba with Zach and the 5-6th graders.  Oye!  Hope I don’t freeze.  I’m much happier a homebody in the winter.  I am not too great at winter activities. But… I’m so excited about going with Zach and hanging out.

I’m sure I’ll have pics and lots to say when I am back.

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