Under the Locks…

The weekend is the Under the Locks Tournament here in Peterborough. This means that  from Friday morning despite the cold cold temps Dave Smith and Sanj Sukumaran along with their team of volunteers turned the canal in town into a crazy rink and hosted the Under the Locks tourney.

This is Dave’s Facebook post from yesterday:

“Day 1 of Under The Lock 2014 is in the books. 58 games in, only 46 more to go!  1000 hot dogs consumed, 3000 cups of coffee, 5000 bottles of Gatorade. Not sure if it’s a hockey tournament or an eating contest!

Here are some pics that Sanj posted:

1888878_814109501937729_869747357_oPicture here of the set up taking place…

1799891_814493555232657_1325661776_oGuess this is what it’s all about…


Its quite a sight, the amount of people that come to participate or watch despite the brrrrr temps.

This morning when Sanj left at 6am the temps were -26 degrees C.  Craziness.  That’s all I can say.  There is something about  hockey…. it doesn’t seem to matter what crazy hour or how cold it is, hockey player just don’t seem to care.  I am convinced it’s the stench of their uniforms that hypnotize them!

Only Zach was playing this year in the tournament and he loves it.  We went yesterday with his hair painted green for his team.  This is him, Lucky #8!


Last night I came home and made rice and chicken curry as it seems to be just the right thing to end the day, comfort food.  Most of the older boys were score keepers and I know they were cold!

149934_442564802479715_1112760927_n 2

A great arial view from last year’s tournament.

I’m going to have to ask Dave Smith who had the vision for this craziness and Sanj, why they do it?

I’m really curious.  It’s a huge undertaking.  And just as huge to take it all down and apart.  Then go to their jobs the next day.

And yet as I watched the kids play, the parents chatting over coffee and blankets, I can see the beauty in a weekend like this.  And so, while I am eager to get my family back, I am grateful for guys that unselfishlly give of their time, age a few years and share their talents to bring this to our town.

Thanks Dave and Sanj… for your dedication, generousness  and vision.

487741_603912679624080_1448210061_n 2These to boys with the Stanley Cup!

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