Happy Birthday To My Favorite Guy…

Lots of snow yesterday, again.  I must say that Sanj was happy with the weather… as he spent the day snowboarding.  Yesterday was his birthday!  If you know him, you’d be very surprised he took the day off.  Well technically, he didn’t book the day off…

Years ago, i was tired of Sanj being such a worker that he never took a day off for himself.  Ever.  I went to his secretary(back in the day when he just had one) and told her to book his day but with fake patients.  She thought this was grand and took great pains to make it look authentic.

The morning of his birthday (or realistically probably the night before, since I wouldn’t have been able to wait…), I told him tomorrow for his birthday, he had the day off.  He said, “No, I don’t, I saw the book.”  I wish I could have videoed his reaction.  He was pretty speechless.  I loved it!!!

Ever since then, minus one year when he told me not to because… and I believed him.  When the morning of his birthday came, he didn’t believe he had to go to work.  🙁  It was a sad day for us both.  Since then, I have learned to read his mind and not listen to his words.!!!

Yesterday Sanj chose to go snowboarding alone.  (The alone part was very disturbing for me but he assured me this is what he wanted).  He is such a weird person.  I actually will admit I find most introverts odd, as I can’t imagine a whole day alone and having fun.  Yet at noon he called me and told me it was amazing up there, fresh snow and he had the mountain mainly to himself. He was in heaven.


After a day on the slopes, he came home and laid by the fire and became engrossed  in his book.  This would have been a perfect day.

Until… I made plans for dinner out with a few friends.  Oh boy.  He obviously didn’t want to go out. Sigh.

Anyways after much whining, he came and had a great time in the end.  PHEW!

All’s well that ended well.

Happy Birthday to my dear man.  I adore you.  Even if you are a little strange and like spending a lot of time alone.  lol

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