Face of Cancer…

What a crazy, perfect stay at home and do laundry kinda day it was!  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the option of laundry.  lol  It was chemo day and off my FIL and I went to Toronto… in some serious downpour!  The ride back was much more unpleasant as there was many a time I couldn’t see at all in front of me.  We made it home ok, though.

Today while at the hospital, I had no attention or ability to read.  There were a lot of people… really sick, seemed even more so today.  I mean, who IS the face of cancer?  If there was a cut-out, the scary thing is anyone of us can pop into the cut out.  Sadly, cancer has no favorites.  It just picks and then begins its destruction.

 I saw this lady, older, with her hair shaved off.  She seemed to be a warrior – and her bald head was her battle scar.  I was thinking of how beautiful bald is.  What strength there as they walk with their naked scalp.  I saw another lady, older, white hair… just bits of hair growing back.  Beautiful!  I won’t lie, I was so tempted to ask if I could take a picture with her… ( then that voice came through, loud and clear… WWSS? You know, What Would Sanj Say)?  So I didn’t … but I won’t forget her face, as their was such strength in her eyes.  Bald is Beautiful.

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