Just Ramblings… Again

It’s been a crazy  few days.  I went to Orlando to see my aunt, uncle, cousin and  my bestie from my Florida days.  I wanted to see them now and not have regrets later.

Below is Heather, a dear friend and my bestie from my Florida days and in the middle is my older cousin, Jayanta, whom I haven’t seen in at least 12 years.


Then I was off to spent a few days with my girlfriend and university roomie.  It was just so good to sleep, eat and talk.  And talk. And talk.  We never seem to have a shortage of conversation.  I have been blessed with great girlfriends — from different  times in my life and different places.  I love that we have a special connection and time seems irrelevant.


Mother’s day was Sunday… so I flew back home very early to be able to spend the day with my men.  I love my family so much.  I am so blessed with my husband and best friend that makes this journey we are on, together, so great.


Here we are, ready to greet the long weekend!  Wahoo!  We are doing  a last minute trip to see the cousins on Sanj’s side… always a wonderful time.  I am dreading the drive especially because we are leaving so late but we are adding one driver so hopefully that will help.

Summer is just around the corner.  It’s my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love being in shorts, tees and flip flops.   After all that snow, it’s beautiful to see greenery.  I love that we can sleep with the windows open- though Sanj complains when I open it too much  but I LOVE that cool breeze that blows the curtains around.  I love adding the layer of blankets IF I am cold.  This is a point of contention  with my husband. 🙁

How come God didn’t give men any discomfort… no periods, no child birthing, no hot flashes, no leaky bladders…. ok, I’ll stop but I get that Eve sinned… yet all the things a woman must endure is quite the punishment.  I can’t wait to chat with Eve.  I can’t wait to ask God, if I had been in Eve’s place would I have eaten the apple too?

Josh was telling me how come WOmen are called women… because God took a rib from Adam and created Eve.  He is a bundle of information and he is truly a child that does not cease to chatter.  Sometimes he comes up with questions that crack me up.  Other times he just leaves me baffled.  Today he told me he prefers Obama to Harper.  Really? lol Then his next question was who is/was worse- Hitler or Bin Laden?


The trip to DC is usually 10-12 hours.  I can’t to hear the conversation that Josh will no doubt have with me.

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