Crazy Me!

I was going to start this off by making excuses for not writing more because …. but I won’t even bother.

Yesterday we – Sanj and I were in the car (Kid 4 was there too) and we off to pick up Kid 5 from youth group.  Sanj has been unwell and yesterday he thought maybe he had food poisoning, so he asked to me drive (I’d much rather be the passenger, not to mention I find it annoying being told how to drive).  As I was driving, I was chattering as we do and when Sanj said something, I responded with a crude comment and then was in hysterics, pleased with my cleverness!!!  My husband was appalled.  🙁  Of course this had me laughing even harder.  Sanj is and never has been one to find farting (because you really have to) or crude jokes etc funny.  Sigh.

Disclaimer here:  I don’t do this all the time.  Yet when I do, really let loose I’m usually in the company of girlfriends that have the same humor.  It’s a release.  Sometimes I need to just be silly and let loose and act like an absolute idiot.  And it feels good.

Here one of the things that was said:

Kid 4 asked:

Mom which weighs more … 1000 pounds of feathers or a thousand pounds of bricks?

I replied: “Bricks.” ( I immediately saw a weighing scale like from the olden days and in my head saw the bricks tipping over the  scale).


Sanj was appalled.  Kid 4 who is his father’s mini me echoed, MOM!!!

Do any of you not get it?  Bricks in the wrong answer. (Message me so I know I’m not alone— PLEASE!!!)

Sanj looked at me and asked if I took my crazy pill?  This made me laugh harder.  And truthfully, I ran out so I didn’t take it for a “few” days. lol  I’m good though now.  My craziness is something that a crazy pill cannot help with.

Kid 4 said, “Mom!!! They are a 1000 pounds each!!!”

BAHAHAHAH!  See my mind is so hyper that I didn’t lock into that.  I immediately saw the visual.  Sanj looked at me and shook his head and sighed and muttered something about logic not being one of my strengths.

I saw this and of course knew it was perfect clipart to illustrate my thoughts!!!


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the man that I am blessed (most days) to call my husband.  Thank you for our strengths and thank you for making us polar opposites!!!  And Jesus, thank you even more for making a special crazy pill just for me!!!

I love you.


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