Happy Birthday Jordan!

Yes you can see… Jordan and Max are 5 days apart in birthdays… with an aunt and uncle sharing the birthdays! So busy has been the word of the last weeks.

Jordan Michael Sukumaran has turned 11 years old! WOW! He is my child that loves one on one with us and chatters endlessly when having that time. He is smart, talented and very laid back about life in general. He loves playing the guitar and is usually being begged to stop strumming! He is quite the photographer with a great eye.

He loves hanging out with his friends. He loves hockey and is quite a good skater.

Jordan, you are loved and cherished. You are full of gifts from God and I hope you take time to discover and embrace your gifts.

You are a loved son and brother. In Josh’s words…”Jordan, you are my best friend!”
Happy birthday my dear georgina ballerina!
I love you.

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