The Spirit of Giving

Birthdays are the one day a year that is all yours … to celebrate your life! Usually the good is praised and the bad and ugly is ignored if just for one day! Birthdays are special days in our house.

Sanj’s family didn’t do much for birthdays… he never really got cakes or parties and in my house my father did not think it was biblical to celebrate. If so, God would have wrote it in the bible, right?

So in our family birthdays are all about the birthday boy. It is an ongoing celebration with family, then extended family and then usually some sort of party with friends. For this day, that child is spoiled. I pick them up early at school, and we go to lunch and then they have the rest of the day off.

Gifts, cake and all the usuals comes with it… sitting in the front seat without “calling it” is a given, and sleeping in our bed is the bonus.

OK… likewise, I believe that calling on day is more meaningful than calling later. Getting a gift is more meaningful on that day.

It means that YOU ARE SPECIAL and I will make the time for you!

We have family that never (that isn’t an exaggeration) given the boys their gift on time. Many years have gone where a promised gift never comes. This is not about the gift. This is a statement that I really don’t have time… you are not special.

I realize that this isn’t the truth necessarily yet this is the message. It bothers me that we never forget or miss a gift or b-day… can my kids not have that same specialness?

I am at the point of saying no gifts. Don’t bother. It means more for you to acknowledge the day … if you can not do that. … then don’t. This way there is no expectations. My kids will not care one way or another. But when a promised gift comes 2 months later… is there really a point?

Maybe I am totally off base… but to me to is about making time for that person on that ONE day that is THEIRS!

Hum…. I’d may be off base totally. Maybe I just have too high expectations.

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