300 different things to say

This is my 300th blog post! I love writing.

I wish I was better at grammar, sentence structure, and all that other stuff I supposedly learned in English classes…. but really when I have a thought or feeling… I just begin to write. It oozes out of me. I have always found writing therapy. Cheap therapy!

I found my journals from University… seeing so and so on the sidewalk, planning my schedule so I would have to walk down a certain sidewalk… yah… to bad much more of my energy didn’t go into my academics!

Then there was falling in love. I love reading those journals. I love falling in love over again… every time I read back into the early days. I love having documentation of our love affair.

I love reading of our fights (which was when I wrote most… when I was upset). I find it amazing how much I have changed, grown up and become me… today.

Blogging was an unexpected pleasure. Thanks Kumar, for introducing me to it. I wasn’t sure if I could really find things interesting enough to write for others to appreciate. But I realized is I am really writing for myself. If I say something that will help someone on their journal… that is an extra blessing. Yet I am the one who has been blessed by the amazing feedback, encouragement and advice I continue to receive from the few of you who honor my with your time.

So thanks… for listening… sharing and helping me to grow.

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