My Own Intervention Therapist

Let me tell you about my therapist… aka… friend. This is a friend that is committed to going to the gym despite the fact that she is in great shape. She is there sweating it out with me almost every day. We chat about life, I learn from her wisdom and appreciate her candidness about life.

She is funny, loving and yet the best drill sergeant one can ask for. I would have never even thought to do an hour cardo… she did not give me a choice!

I have learned so much from her. I have had to ask myself hard questions… after leaving her presence. Many a time, my blog thoughts can reflect her wisdom or questions.

Dear God,
Thank you for my friend. Thank you for the extra special blessing she is to me! (She even takes my kids to swimming… so I am not running around like a mad person…) Thank you for the gift of generosity and graciousness. You have blessed her with an abundance of Your Christlike character. Thank you for my friend… for all my friends.
Could you just help my body to stop craving the “bad” stuff so I can see the effects of my hard work???

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