Happy 50th Anniversary …

Summer 2014 is off to a crazy start!!!  This weekend we celebrated my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary in style.  (This was Sanj’s and my 20th wedding anniversary- which I will blog about soon).


We had about 140 folks from the last 50 years of my inlaws life come and celebrate with them their life together.  It was an incredible day full of family and friends.  We had the Unni Cousins up with their families.  These are Sanj’s first cousins and some of our dearest friends.  We love having them and being together.


Of course the great thing about family parties is meeting cousins that we haven’t seen in forever.  We met and hope to stay in touch with many of the family we met after such a long time.

It was a busy weekend of cooking, more cooking and did I say cooking? lol  It was a weekend of cutting meat, peeling and cutting potatoes and onions and lots of laughter.

I can’t begin to sum up this time but simply wanted to post so that it will be something that won’t be forgotten.  It was a tribute to my inlaws and the life they have lead.  My father in law can be such an inspiration to so many of us.  Despite his rough start as a young lad, being sent away from home due to his “handicap” (he burned his hands really bad as a child)… he lived his life by forgiving and seeking out his brothers, educating some of them and then spent the rest of his life, after moving here, to continue to educate most of his nieces and nephews so that each of them can live a better life.

Sometimes we say all the nice flowery things about a person after they are long gone.  I’m so glad that my inlaws were about to hear from those that love them and know that they are loved and appreciated.

It really was a little heaven on earth.  There are some things that money can not buy- family, friendship and fellowship.  I can only imagine how incredible heaven is going to be- no more goodbyes.

That was the hardest part of the weekend… saying goodbyes.

I can’t wait for the next time we are together…

So grateful for my family and the one I married into.

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