Max Says Goodbye…

Da da da da da da da da da… If you hum this to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, this is what I was listening to and my heart felt heavy.  Sanj was playing this on the piano, practicing for tonight’s 8th grade grad at the boys school.  When Sanj came up, I told him that this song makes me so sad. When he asked why, I told him that it means something is ending.  🙁  Usually, I’d say I am a cup half full person, so my reaction  surprised me.  Max is leaving behind his elementary years tonight.  Maybe this time it’s hitting me a little harder because Max was always classified as one of the younger boys.  Now my younger boys are slowly leaving childhood behind.  Or is it that I am frightened by the thought of another teenager/high schooler being added to the mix?

Max … I wouldn’t know where to even start.  He’s such a unique child when compared to his brothers.  He’s conscious with his tasks and studies.  He’s a little quieter and quirky.  If he begins something, such as going to the gym, he is annoyingly committed.  (Well, we know he certainly didn’t get that trait from me!!!).


Isn’t he a beauty?  Max… The whole world lays at your feet, at least the world of high school, does.  With Jesus  beside you, you can do all things.  Beware of the fairer sex… they can be tricky.  Always wear deodorant and brush your teeth.  And know that I love you, now and forever.

As I end this post, I will close with some of the many faces of my Maxie:






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  1. Pam Krueger says:

    Sweet and all grown up!

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