Let’s Get Physical…

Is it a  universal thing for boys to be physically constantly?  Please tell me…  or is it just my boys?  Whenever we visit the in laws, this is the activity the entire visit.  Apparently the grandparents living area is the perfect space for rough housing.  Both brothers-  meaning Sanj and Raj (Sanj’s bro) get into in.  Lately, it to see how much pain they can take.  When I say “they” it’s usually Tyler.  One weekend early this summer, Tyler was dared to put the dog’s invisible fencing collar on and walk through the line … which means he got zapped crazy on his neck.

Wherever we are… it seems to follow:


This video is while visiting family in Maryland… listen to Max’s comment once he’s on his feet!

Josh is a big boy for his age, obviously but he’s also quite strong.  He’s brothers challenged him to put Tyler in a head lock, Tyler of course, going along with it.

Tyler was sure he could handle Josh’s strenght.

This is a video of Josh having a choke hold (not sure if that is really the term) on Tyler.  Yet earlier in the day, while at church, as we were waiting for Sanj to finish a conversation, the boys began…


This is the result of Josh’s hold on Tyler… and understand that Tyler was very proud of his battle wounds.  See the markings on Tyler’s neck?  Likely broken blood vessels- that occurred while Tyler refused to tap out.   As I was taking the shot, Tyler told me to make sure I got his chest hair!!! lololol

Craziness … and yet I am pretty sure in all that physicalness there’s love.  They’d NEVER tell each other they love the other. I’m pretty sure this is a love language for boys, well at least my boys.

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