Ruff Ruff…

It’s Friday and we all survived the first week of school!!! Every where I go, people that know I have 6 boys will laugh and say, “Bet your glad school’s back!”  Yet you know, I love summer.  I won’t lie, the boys drive me bonkers often but that happens on school days too!  I love the freedom of getting up and going… the day can hold numerous possibilities.

 As the boys grow older, they are a lot more fun, funny and more often then not, have me laughing at their craziness.  Of course some of their foolishness is funny the first time and then after continuing, it becomes obnoxious.

This is the most recent foolishness… this is Tyler that bought this home.  We are driving and he randomly barks loud and the person usually looks astonished.  The first few times he did it, I’ll admit I laughed.  Actually I was really laughing at his ability to truly have such a deep bark.  Then he dragged Josh into it.  I mean really?

The other day as we were driving to pick up Jordan from football practice, we took a side street we often take to avoid traffic.   There on the front lawn were two boys on top of each other.  Then we see the mom (assuming she was the mom) beating one of the boys with the pan.  I was sure she was just playing.  I mean, who beats their kid with a pan… and even if you do, why would you do so in public?

Upon our return, we see three police cars there… mom being “questioned” and it was such a surreal moment.  The boys were full of questions!  Oye!

One of the  boys was telling me their friend had been punished without supper for a misdemeanor.  (Disclaimer:  if you are reading this, parent of the child… I know that was his version and…) anyways the point of this story was, Max.  He said, “You couldn’t do that.”

I was annoyed with answer… and he said, “Mom, wouldn’t be able to do it.   You are too soft” ( I’m not sure if he said “soft” but something like that).  Then he looked at me and said, “That’s not an insult. I just know you that would be hard for you to do.”

Me… shaking my head… my world!

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