It feels like I just ran a marathon!  It feels like that most mornings getting my brood out the door.  Josh is like 6 children in one.  Every morning he tells me he is sick- for real this time.  The boy just loves being at home.  With me.  On the way to school earlier this week, he told me that he was uncomfortable at school.  Huh?  So this had me questioning what made him uncomfortable… I asked him at least three times and he just kept repeating that he was uncomfortable at school.  I told him he had to have a reason for what made him uncomfortable.  Josh finally said, “I’d rather just be home with you.”  Awww… ok when is he going to realize that he has lots of schools ahead of him?  Actually, once he’s out the door and into the school doors, he’s fine.  Yet it makes for a very exhausting morning… all that before 8 am.   It would help greatly if… I was a morning person.  Sadly, this is not the case.

Today on the news I saw that a goldfish, named George from Australia had successfully had a life-threatening tumour removed from his head.  This is so unreal.  His owner was especially attached to him.  After the successful surgery, it was pronounced that George could easily live another 20 years.


Sometimes I am so fascinated by what extreme lengths people will go through… for something or someone they love.  I am fascinated that this is news…   I am also so curious about what that would have costed his owner?

It is this curiosity that allows me to talk to anyone.  I just can’t help saying hi to you if you make eye contact.    I find it weird to sit next to someone or be in an elevator with someone and not at least say hi or make eye contact.  Maybe this is a vibe I give out because strangers have no trouble chatting with me.  I wish I had a picture of Max’s face the other day, as we were in the drive-thru at Wendy’s.  The lady at the window gave me a big cheerful greeting and proceeded to talk to me like we were best friends.  lol  Over time,  she has lost over 100 lbs and was telling me that as she loses it, her husband seems to be gaining it.   I know that her hubby is a truck driver and every once in a while she will take breaks and go on road trips with him.  Seriously, Max’s reaction was so funny!  He wanted to know why I knew her like that and why she seemed to act like I was her best friend.

At the Y, where I am taking an aqua fitness class (no it’s not just a seniors class), there is this guy that seemed to want to befriend me.  He’s apparently traveled the world and been to India a couple of times.  At first, he seemed normal.  Then he started irritating me because he’d chatter the whole time and I needed to focus on what was happening.  Then he made the comment that his daughter had a really hard time in India, she’d walk around with her nose plugged.  Really???  Of course, then came the questions that one is asked when someone is curious about me and India.  I told him that even though I was born there, I was raised here as much as he was and the first time I went back as an adult was two years ago.  Then he randomly asked if I was from Goa.  This is what makes this kind of person ANNOYING.  Really?  Did he just randomly pick a state in India?

I moved to another spot, trying to let my girlfriend know he was OBNOXIOUS.  Later, an obese lady was coming to work out.  He looked at me and said, “You’d better keep coming or you’ll look like her.”  I was speechless.  (Again, if you know me, that doesn’t happen too often).

Monday as we went to class, I made a huge point of being away from him… but I couldn’t be rude.  So I said hi- how are you?  Ugh…  He said, “Very Very Good.”  At first, I didn’t get it… then I looked at my girlfriend to see if she heard it too.  He said ‘very very good’ in a Bollywood Indian accent with his head shaking.  REALLY?

I came home and retold the story to Sanj, not sure if I was being oversensitive or not.  Of course, it was rude, Sanj assured me.  I told him how appalled I was that grown adults would act so rude.  He said he sees it every day.  (It’s one thing if my friends are playing with an Indian accent… I really am not that sensitive- but this was a little over the top).

On the flip side, while at Princess Margaret with FIL yesterday, I was at the lab waiting for his blood work to be done.  I was reading a book… clearly giving vibes of not wanting to engage.  This little old lady beside me said, “That’s a big book!”  And this leads to a charming conversation with her.  She was 84 years old.  She had been under treatment for 2 years.  She had some melanoma that was internal and rare.  I asked if she was there alone.  She was.  She had three kids but…   This broke my heart.  I can’t imagine allowing my 84-year-old mom to do this alone.

Anyways… thus the rambling of today…. I hope you are having a good day.

6 more sleeps till my birthday!!!  Wonder what hubby has up his sleeve?  No pressure!!! lol

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