One of the chores I hate that come with parenting is the whole meal thing. You have to feed the babes. Yet what do you feed them? We all know the million and one things that they shouldn’t eat, the things that are disliked that they should eat… and then that is just one meal. Then it begans again.

Oye! At least breakfast and supper are meals they usually eat in my presence. So I know exactly how much nutrients is getting into their little bodies.

But lunches… how I hate making lunches. Actually I don’t even hate making it … if I knew it was going to be eaten. WHY DON”T THEY EAT??? No wonder they come into the car grumpy… because they haven’t eaten properly. It is so maddening. No matter WHAT I send… it doesn’t seem to matter.

Are they just too busy? Do they really not have time??? WHAT IS THEY PROBLEM??? How I wish our school had a hot lunch program!

So… as I continue to make lunches, look for creative solutions… I continue to grow frustrated. I have thought to just put a picture of a starving child in their lunch and write a note that says…” This child would love your lunch!”

Any ideas??? Yes, they have made their own lunches… but still I have the problem that food is not eaten.

Yet on pizza days and days I buy Subway… they usual eat.

Hum… maybe it is just my cooking!

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