Leaving Comments

Leave me your thoughts… I have gotten so many emails saying that you would leave a comment if you knew how…
SO I have made it easy….
STEP 1… click on the word comment… and then you are taken to the next part…

STEP 2… write out your comment (BE NICE)!!!
STEP 3…under CHOOSE AN IDENTIFY… just click NAME… and type your name… so I know it is YOU I should thank for the NICE words…


So it is easy… YOU CAN DO IT!

Love your thoughts and feedback… if you care to leave it!

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3 Responses to Leaving Comments

  1. kumardixit says:

    testing 1 2 3. Just checking to see if this works 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know who I am. And to the rest of the people who like to read your blog, I would like to share with them how honored I am to have you as a friend. Each morning when I wake, you are the first person who enters my world, before my eyes are even open.."Reema, exercise, valid excuse on the horizon?, anything ailing me today?, I hope my son is sick today!, snow storm yet?, forget it, she is a stalker, get up!" at which time I open my eyes to begin my day with Reema. After we finish our daily am routine, I venture out to begin my day without her. It is a tad lonely at times, and I feel my time with her has been cut short. Surprisingly, after 5 days of sweat and pain, I still miss her. So after all the kind words you made about me, I would like you to know that each and every word of kindness is my mirrored image of you. My life has had more than my share of love, support and kindness in it. You know…"I dont have any room in my life for new friends right now, check back with me later! PS Crazy and personality suckers are ahead of you!" Surprisingly, you have filled a void that I did not realize I desired, or needed. So thank you my friend for every laugh, smile, warm embrace and the look of "you make my world a better place".
    Every day you make me feel special. What a gift you are to all you reach out and touch. xoxo

  3. shelley says:

    Thanks for making this soooooo much easier..i always thought I had to log in and then it was..what is my login again?? So I don't comment…I look forward to your blogs everyday…believe it or not! I wish I had 1/2 your energy and insightfulness!