My Husband

I often write about my husband in different ways… but today as I left my coaching session, I left knowing that I am so blessed to have found my best friend in my husband. He is the person I miss if I am not around him for a day or chatted with him at least 5x’s … despite the fact that he is at work.

He is such an absolutely loyal man. He works like a dog to make sure we always have the things we need and also the things we just want. He is someone whose opinion matters… I want him to think I am smart (despite the fact that my grades may have said otherwise…) I want him to think I am beautiful (despite all the freckles that have taken residence on my face), I want him to love me forever (despite the fact that I can be -itchy, naggy and extremely hyper). I want him to miss me and need me and want me (despite the fact that we are polar opposites).

I left today with the knowledge that Sanj is the best thing that has happened to me ever. If I won the lottery … it would be meaningless if I didn’t have him to share it with. I can’t imagine life without my best friend.
He is the other missing link of me. He fills my life with irreplaceable fullness.

I am realizing that one of the best gifts in life is love and friendship. If that goes hand in hand… it is a rare thing.

I love you, Sanj, all of you.

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