October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014 was the last time I posted on my blog.  Oh my goodness so much as happened since then.  I miss writing immensely.  I miss the outlet it is for me … the memories and thoughts that are saved here for my boys and 1001 other reasons that blogging is part of me.  I have tried so many times to come back to it but after I start, I  stop because I get frustrated that I have such a blank between October 15th and now!

Let it go… do you know that song from Frozen?  As I type those three words the song starts… oye!  In fairness, this line, “Let It Go” has been my mantra for a very long time.  Whenever Sanj or the boys obsess over something that is irreversible or unchangeable, I am sure to chant, “JUST LET IT GO!!!” (Disney owes me)!  So I’m following my own mantra… and Letting It Go…


I will just start from this point again.  Blogging has been so therapeutic for me in so many ways.  Tomorrow I will try again to add exercise back into my list of things to try and accomplish.  I am hoping to get some Spring cleaning done as well.  The other thing I am hoping to pick back up is my Nikon.   I love picture taking … of capturing a moment that I will never get back again.  Sadly, my big camera sits in its bag and I tend to capture everything with my iPhone.  Now i can’t lie … I am so impressed with the ability my little camera that lays in my phone  takes.  I love being able to video that craziness of life in a sec … and not dig out the video cam.  Here I am… though planning on getting my camera back out and capture the beauty of my boys and all that is around me.

I’m excited about the beginning of these goals.  They will add so much back to my world.  I love looking back at past posts of the boys  or our life and it usually gives me a chuckle or an all out laugh out loud!

If you are reading and following me … again, thanks and please feel free to comment.


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