This Past Weekend…

Sadly another weekend has gone by and it’s a Monday.  It’s a cloudy day, looking like rain is possible and this sits well with me because I have so much laundry to do, some tidying and lots of writing and end on my list is a hope to make it to the gym!

Friday was Prom for Jordan and his lady, Autumn.  Pictures speak for themselves.  I am so glad they had lovely weather and a great time together.




Oh my silly boy!

I am so grateful that my boys are growing up and able to have a normal childhood.  They don’t even know how lucky they are and for this I am grateful to God.  And my sweet, husband.

We had to drop off shoes for Jordan, later that evening which was the perfect opportunity to go get ice cream!


The highlight of my week aside from all this was getting Snapchat and driving my kids crazy with it! lolol I am sure this won’t last too long as I so don’t really get it but… hey, I am annoyed and enjoyed it so it was worthwhile! 🙂



Two boys have preumonia and another one looks to be getting strep.  Ugh!  Here’s to a new week! Hope yours is full of happy moments!

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