Grocery Shopping and Retirement!

As I am catching up to my husband that is a little past half a century old, I hear the question asked more and more about what retirement will look like.  Retirement?!!! Well, since we still have a 11 year old and everyone under the same roof, it is kind of hard to image!

I use to think that  Sanj and I would hang out doing stuff together.  Last  Wednesday, he surprised me with the afternoon.  Of course I was delighted!  We went to lunch (well, had 3 of the boys join us once they heard) and then we were heading somewhere and I was just chatting away.  After 5 minutes, literally, he looked at me that with look of amusement and amazement and ok, exhaustion, and said, “Do you know how many subjects you just covered in the last 5 minutes?” Hum… I laughed and tried to calm down a bit.  I asked, as I usually do, if he’d like me to try Ritalin, and he declined.  lolol It’s then I usually remind him that it’s a good thing he can’t SEE my mind, as it races because I am only verbalize a small portion that races through.

Back to retirement, I love seeing these aged couples grocery shopping together.  I see that in our future.  See, I hate grocery shopping! HATE IT!  I mean first you have to think  of what to make (Sanj never knows what he want to eat).  Then you find your item, put it in the cart, then once finished, you go to the check out and take your groceries from the cart on to the counter, then into a bag, then the bags go into the car and then out of the car and then from the counter into the pantry or fridge.  WHERE IS THERE PLEASURE IN THIS???  Sanj always says, “But you like to shop!”  Then I get extremely annoyed because grocery shopping is NOT SHOPPING!

Sorry.  I’m sure I have ranted this same rant before.  Anyways, I made Sanj walk into the store with me, to grab just a couple things, and he did so, but under protest.  He wanted to stay in the car and probably listen to Sports Radio or go on his phone.  When we are retired, this is still going to happen… but you’ll probably see Sanj looking like this:


He is actually having a GOOD TIME! He is just worried if he admits it this will be a regular occurrence! lolol

Yesterday Sanj was invited my Mercedes to join them for their day where they hope to snag you into lusting after a vehicle of theirs.  They took Sanj and some other guys and went to the race tracks where they  were allowed to drive the way theses cars were made to be driven!

13415388_1348894028459271_4400150308337116049_o (1)

That’s Raj (Sanj’s brother taking the pic) – Sanj couldn’t be reached at the time of this publication to comment on if that is him in the car or not, but looks like it.  Yes, so this will likely in his retirement fantasy of driving a vehicle that roars.

Anyways, I realized that our retirement will likely be much like it is now, he is off doing his thing, music,  sports, or what ever tickles his fancy.  I know that he will not be still. He doesn’t know who to do that.  And me, I will do whatever it is I do, sometimes I don’t even know till that moment.  And then we will hook up for the afternoon/evening.  Maybe he’ll do the grocery shopping and I’ll cook.  Who knows! Yet I am so grateful to have a partner that I can plan the rest of our lives (God willing) to spend driving each other crazy!

Thank you, Jesus, for my dear husband!

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