Back to High School…

I had a great day today!  I went back in time to High School!  Ok, I actually went to the zoo with my Max and the science classes from his high school.  I hang out with a great bunch of kids.

Boy zoo humor pick up line: Are you a gorilla enclosure?

Why? Cause I’d like to drop my baby in you!


Riding in the school bus, I was a little apprehensive.  I mean, these kids looked cool and so put together! I didn’t want to cramp Max’s style either so I sat in the front with the grown ups.


We saw a couple of animals and then stopped, for food.  These folks can eat!  Pizza Pizza was the exhibit in which we spent a good deal of time after getting there.


And they ate and ate….

IMG_8344 (1)

Some even had gourmet cuisine … steak and steak and  steak wraps.

IMG_8327Then somehow it was discovered that I have recently become part of the Snap Chat world!!!  Ok, I have to admit, my Max was little appauled.


I am still very new to Snap Chat and there may be a barrier to my actually understanding it but hey, I was thrilled to be wanted by this bunch to be their Snap Chat buddies or friend! IMG_8439 (1)

I was pretty pleased with myself!!!  Thanks Guys, for being my Snap Chat buddies!

I actually was impressed with this group of kids.  They were respectful, thoughtful and very accepting.


This poor child is directionally challenge!  Thankfully his good looks help us overlook his defects!!!  If you see him wandering, please offer him directions!

These boys were quite comfortable with this sensitive side!




This was a very special fellow, who actually stars in a very special video and I felt honored to grab a picture with him!

IMG_8386Such a great group of kids!  I found myself spotting a few candidates for future DILS!!! Ok, just kidding but … just saying… I do have 6 boys!




Max…. Thanks for asking me along!  I am so proud to pass on my genes to you!  OK, well you are a clone of your dad but still… your cool factor, I’m sure, is from me, so you are welcome! xoxo


I love this boy of mine!


I had a wonderful day… thanks all of you kiddos for making my day an exciting one and making me feel 16 again, even just for the day! I especially enjoyed the laughs!  I’m looking forward to your Snap Chats!  Or Facebook, which I do know how to use! Hugs!

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  1. Martha says:

    Glad you had a great day and made new friends. Hanging with youth keep you young. I’m on Snapchat too. I will have to see if I can figure out how to add you as a friend. I got a 16yr old to show me. I hope I can remember it.

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