Zachary… The Boy that Believes!

My older children are not real believers in Santa Claus. Christmas was different when they were real small. Then comes Zachary… from the time he was old enough, he has been a believer in Good Old St. Nick. With that enthusiasm of the belief is the Christmas Spirit. He wants to buy everyone a present. He has no worries of where the money is going to come from… and he has no problem wanting to earn it. He is a hard worker. He keeps up with Sanj, shoveling the rink, snow blowing etc.

He has such a wonderful spirit. If you have heard me talk about him, I am usually saying that he loves life… and lives it to the fullest of his 6 year old ability.

This year, as he went to bed early, so Santa would come, he was so excited. When he woke up, the first thing he said was that he heard bells that night.

If we are willing to believe in Santa, why not God? He has a great love for God. He has a great faith.

I hope that his faith in people, things real and unreal will grow with him as he grows up. I hope that his ability to love and give are gifts that he serves others well with.

I love that Zachary is a believer in all things great and wonderful.
Keeping believing my dear baby boy! Keep having faith. Keep believing in the good rather than bad. Just keep believing!

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