Momma’s Boys

There is a show on called Momma’s Boy. This show is similar to the Bachelor except the guy’s mom is there, living in the house with the girls and expresses her opinions… rather loudly.

This is a show we started to watch by accident… but the dynamics in the house are interesting. Usually you do not see all sides … but even though it is TV, it shows sides of each of the persons… the mother, son and girls of interest.

As a future mother-in-law, I pray that I am able to love my boys enough that when the time comes that I will let them live their lives. I hope that I keep a life that is full that I won’t feel the need to interfere or feel the need to pull them back for my own selfish purposes.

Of course what do I know? I know girls… and I know that hearts break… and I know that there is nothing mommy can do at that point.

So as I learn from my mother and mother-in-law … I continue to mentally make notes. I pray over my boys and ask God to bring into their lives women that will fulfill them ( I began to write… fulfill me… ummm). I can only raise them the best I can. I can teach them to respect, love and cherish. I can teach them to give, listen and learn to say sorry.

I can hope that they learn how to love as they watch Sanj and I love each other, as they watch us love them, as they watch us love our friends and as they watch as we love our parents.

Children learn what they live… I love that poem.

I know that they will make choices that will not be the ones I may choice but I hope that by then I will know to respect their lives… to accept their adultness and respect their choices.

So… as I ponder mother -in-laws… I pray that I will learn to be kind, quiet when I need to be and helpful. I hope that I will continue to have great girlfriends that will let me cry on their shoulders… with the sad song of “Why that girl???”

Oye. I hope that the parents of these girls are taking their responsibility now as parents seriously.

I hope… but I have to say, while I can’t imagine any girl will be a 100% good enough… I am looking forward to the ride. I truly hope that my sons are simply happy. Whatever that definition is for them… I pray that they are fulfilled.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really do hope that I raise young men that can stand up to me… and tell me when I am out of line. And I hope I am mature enough (by then) to step back into line.

Lots of pondering. All of a sudden… arrange marriages are looking mighty good!

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