The Oil Crisis

My mom is here. She is a good cook. It is her identity. It is her place of security… the kitchen.

Obviously I didn’t inherit that … as I hate the kitchen as a place to be day in and day out.

The boys love her cooking. She loves cooking for them. I hear her on the phone to her sisters… telling them what the boys had her make that day.

Here is the thing… Indian food is not low in fat. Well I suppose there are ways to make it healthy… but then you lose the taste.

The key is the oil. Or butter.

This is a picture of the oil I buy that is usually reserved for a few things I may cook that requires oil other than olive oil.

This particular jug would likely last me who knows how long. But I never have a chance to find out, as my mom visits often enough that it disappears.

This jug of oil was bought December 24th. This picture was taken December 26th. Alarmed???

I am horrified. I am wondering how I made it through childhood? In defense of the oil level there was deep frying of food items twice, which does consume more oil. But still…

I am curious how long this jug will last? Knowing I am trying hard to lose weight and am being conscious of what I am eating… my mom will say, “I hardly put any oil in it.”

I am a bit alarmed. I can’t continue to let my children eat food that is oil drenched …. clogging up their arteries… yet that would devastate them and my mom. So I have to find that fine line….

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One Response to The Oil Crisis

  1. sg says:

    I say…eat small amounts for yourself…and for your boys…"everything in moderation". Know that she is not there ALL the time cooking and it sounds like that is her way of showing them love 🙂 The boys don't eat if every day…they will be fine 🙂