His Favorite- Explained

Jesus Loves YOU… But… I am His favourite!  I love this line.  I wish I could take credit for it!  It speaks to me.  I know Jesus loves you.  Yet I am His favourite.  The truth is this has gotten me in trouble.  I guess I need to clarify.  Jesus has no favourites.  He loves you as much as me.  (Lucky, eh? Hehe).  YOU ARE HIS FAVOURITE!


I just love His love and how He fills me with it.  If you have lived your life not having parents that could always be there for you, if you grew up feeling lost most of the days, then knowing that God is there has been such an amazing comfort to me forever.

I have always needed God.  I needed to know that I was not alone.  From a very young age, I am so grateful that this relationship was instilled in me.  And that it grew.  God was my invisible friend.   And over the years, I love how he has become visible!

Funny, our relationship has not been perfect as being a child of Him, I have been true to form and had temper tantrums and fits.  I have often wondered where He was.  And yet, I know for me, I would rather fully believe that God has my back and loves me and is in control than the other option which is to believe there is nothing.

Yesterday I was driving home, looking at a spectacular sunset, tears running down my face, as I thought of one of my mom’s last words, “See you in Heaven.”  I looked upward and wondered, when?  I listen to my youngest saying,  “Will it be a long time before heaven?  Before I see Ammama again?”

I love my mom’s faith.  She said goodbye to us with the knowledge of seeing us again (hopefully) soon.

What am I saying?  I am saying that being God’s favourite is easy.  We just have to choose.

My mom said to us, in her last days to remember that she did not have any favourites. lol  I am pretty sure every family  knows who their parents favourite is.  My boys ask if I have favourites and I truthfully say yes I do.  That… though, changes daily, sometimes hourly!  The truth is they are all my favourites!

Revelation 3:20 tells us that Jesus is knocking… we just have to let Him in.  I am not so quiet about this with my boys.  I may knock and attack them with hugs, tickles and kisses until they give me love I am looking for.  I don’t usually give the boys a choice at my love.  If I love you, you are going to have to take it!  Jesus, He’s much more polite.  He knocks and then waits.

SOOOOO… If you want to be His favourite, OPEN YOUR DOOR! And then we will both be favourites!  He has lots of love to make each of us His favourite.

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