Sermon 101

I have been excited as to how God is using my story in ways I would never have dreamt. Public speaking is very far from my comfort zone and yet that seems to be His call. So far I haven’t passed out. A couple of months ago I was asked to speak at a Women’s Emphasis Weekend at a church an hour and a bit away. I have become a bit more comfortable doing my workshop. Yet I was asked to do the sermon. I am really not sure WHY or WHAT made me say yes. I thought it was for women and figured I could manage that. I was wrong. Very wrong! It was for a church service. I can’t lie, my heart was pounding as I thought about it as the time drew near. (I am a procrastinator). I had a few different ideas, but those got tossed out. Since it was women’s day I wanted something about strength and how God can empower us.

Anyway… I ended up speaking about Leah and Rachel- The First Sister Wives. How much Leah must have felt and the strength she had to live the life she was given. I was petrified the days leading up to it. Yet I had my army of faithful ones covering me in prayer. You know, I was still petrified but I felt a sense of calm at the same time. Walking into the church the first thing I saw was a defibrillator! I knew God had me! 🙂

God had me!

There were friends of ours we went way back … somewhere around kid #2 that was lovely and a security blanket. Yet within moments, I realized that this was a warm welcoming group of people.

My “sermon” was ok/good for my first time. They even laugh in the right places! 🙂

The point of this weekend was that God was still teaching me to trust Him 100%. Sure it wasn’t like one of those preachers that raise their voices and are so vociferate (yes, I used the synonym site) in their preaching. I practiced that ( as a joke) but had Sanj rolling!

I love that God continues to use my story as He promised and provided me that strength especially from my prayer warriors. I am grateful to my boys that drove up that morning to support me! I love that Jesus shows me time and again that I am one of His favorites!

(I have been called out about being His favourite so I am emphasising that YOU TOO can be a favortie).

“I can do all things to Christ who gives me strength!”

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