Cuddlers for Hire

Some people are paying for cuddles! Check out this link in the Washington Post

I will admit when I glanced at the title I raised an eyebrow and thought how strange. Yet the more I thought about, talked about it, and read about it, it made me really think. Touch is one of the love languages. I can’t imagine my day without physical touch. It is definitely a big part of my language. I have many friends that are introverts, and not really snugglers. They know that a Reema snuggle is coming and though they seem to “accommodate my touch” I am pretty sure we both benefit from that touch. A snuggle with a friend is very different than a sexual reason. (Now these friends are ones there is years of history or at least a connection that the touch is welcomed.

One of my favourite parts of my day, used to be when the boys, usually all of them joined me in our bed and laid there watching the game or playing with a toy, etc. Yet just being together, having physical contact was something that just melted my heart and the day of craziness disappeared from my thoughts.

Tyler and Josh

Touch is one of first sense to develop. I loved that moment when my newborn grabbed on to my finger. My heart still feels overwhelmed with that beautiful emotion of precious love.

Jordan– his cool “I don’t want a hug – but I really do” look

Then there is the bedtime snuggles that each of my boys yearned for. The musical beds at night. I loved when they crawled into bed with us and slept so soundly, as they felt that security of us next to them, snuggling.

Sanj, his dad, and brother

I never thought of those that did not have human touch that they needed and craved. I heard that massages are often a go-to for that touch to be fulfilled. This all really surprised me. I am usually a hugger than a hand shaker if I am comfortable with the person.


My boys, as they have grown older, have reduced that “cuddling” and will tolerate me pouncing on them, insisting a hug, knowing full well they don’t mind. The boys themselves have a weird love language of physical contact as a means of “I love you.”

The boys all loved there Ammama snuggles

This goes against my seminars, that discourage hugging etc to protect one’s self in certain professions (pastors are my main focus). Sharing my story as part of my workshop, there is usually empathy from the audience and 9/10 they approach me and I lean in to accept the hug that (some) are uncertain to give.


I am not sure why I am writing this except that maybe we need to be conscious of those around that may need a hug ( WITH CONSENT) especially a senior. And if you are not a snuggler, I am sure you can bear for it for 2 minutes…. I challenge you!

The boys loved their baby brothers!
(Max and Josh)

I thought that snuggles and cuddles were natural for people but I realized looking back that my parents were not very physically affectionate either. It is a love language and yet when it is one’s we just assume it’s others. I will be honest, I throw my affection in my boys faces. They know, by now, they better just accept it or it won’t stop. I tell them I love them and wait for them to lose their shame and repeat it. Funny, because some of the boys will say it on their own. Others seem to need prodding to spit that sentence out, despite the fact that I am one person they love most!!!! ( Yah Yah I know)!

HAPPY SNUGGLE DAY! With permission! 🙂

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