Friday Night

Growing up we were raised in an Adventist home. Sabbath begins sundown Friday night and ends sun down Saturday night.

Sanj is on the piano playing a hymn, it is dark outside and suddenly I have this overwhelming feeling of homesickness for home.

Not sure what that means, maybe yesteryear. Maybe I miss my brother. We spend many a Friday night worshipping, planning a worship or hanging out with friends.

Friday nights at university were special too. We took effort to look good, went to worship and left full of Worship.

Maybe I miss that… being full.

There is something so peaceful about Friday nights. Maybe it is the farewell to a busy week, the anticipation of breaking away from routine and just being. Whether it is spent alone or with family and friends, I love Friday nights. I think it is my favorite day.

Maybe it would be nice to just go home for a while. I know that seems to come up often in my blog. Guess it is a real loss I feel. I really hope that my children will one day appreciate having home… a place you can go and just be.

What does that mean? It means you are, for that period of time, not wife, mother, friend… whatever role you are all the time… you can just stop and be.

Just for a short while. Then you go back to the real world and it is all good. Maybe home is like going out for recess.

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